SysAid 9

SysAid 9 har kommet i beta utgave. Og her er det mange godbiter for de som har behov for et skikkelig servicedesk verktøy. SysAid har tatt det seriøst at mange trenger å få kontroll på mobile devicer i firmaene sine – og med SysAid 9 kommer det full MDM støtte.

Her er noe av det som SysAid skriver i release notiset sitt for versjon 9.

(Les alt her :

SysAid Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Manage your mobile device assets with SysAid Mobile Device Management (MDM)! SysAid MDM is integrated into your working ITSM solution, so you can keep all mobile devices under control, and all your assets in one place. Admins can extend IT management policies to mobile devices, implement security policies on mobile devices, and track all the mobile devices entering the company’s system with Asset Management. Using SysAid MDM, your users can easily enroll their Android or iOS mobile devices into your IT management system.

  • Enroll all your mobile devices in a few clicks over-the-air (OTA)
  • Easy tracking of enrolled mobile devices
  • Deploy preconfigured WiFi and e-mail settings
  • Remote management of enrolled devices, including Passcode Reset, Lock, and Wipe
  • Create, assign, and modify mobile device policies to mobile devices
  • Trace installed apps with SysAid monitoring capabilities
  • Protect critical company data on the mobile devices

Knowledge Base Upgrade

SysAid Knowledge Base

As you know, the Knowledge Base is your biggest on-site resource that provides self-service support to end users and admins.  This is why SysAid’s newest release concentrates on the Knowledge Base’s user interface (UI)–giving it a new and improved design that is extraordinarily simple and easy to use. Here are a few highlights :

  • New UI with a tree-view design (check out the video tutorial!)
  • Tagging capabilities for better searching and categorizing
  • Dynamic search bar
  • Option to share article with end users and admins
  • Voting feature to flag if an article was helpful, plus ability to search “most popular”
  • Capability to import and export article to/ from the SysAid Community
  • More sorting options: “most visited article”, “last updated”, “most helpful”, etc.

Pink Elephant Certifies Our ITIL

f we could tell you one thing to sum up SysAid’s first generation 9 release, it’d be this: your ITIL is top-notch. We’re giving you everything that ITIL has to offer— including better ITIL compliance, official ITIL terminology throughout SysAid, and more.

SysAid has even been awarded with Pink Elephant’s PinkVERIFYstatus—a designation applied to service management tools that Pink Elephant has objectively assessed as meeting the functional requirements for ITIL compatibility.

PinkVERIFY™ v3.1 status validates that SysAid supports IT Service Management best practices and is in alignment with ITIL processes, specifically for: Change Management, Incident Management, and Problem Management.

Better ITIL, Giving You a Strategic Advantage

All of the ITIL updates give you greater clarity, organization, and transparency in your IT management by helping you handle your service requests faster and with more precision.  For example, service requests in SysAid have been renamed service records, and the label request now falls into a subcategory of a service record. This allows you to log requests and incidents separately, so you can be perfectly precise when setting your records.

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